Our Services


Peak Flooring Inc. offers a full set of services to our clients.  We provide free quotes that are fully detailed and accurately priced for all of our services.   We do not call them estimates because we take pride in accurately pricing all materials and labor needed to complete our client’s project.  Our customers only pay for what is outlined in their project quotes.


Wood Flooring

our services include installation of douglas fir wood flooring

A Douglas Fir Wood Floor

Wood floors are considered to be 100 year floors, since they will easily last 100 years or more when treated with proper care and maintenance.  It is important that we are able to help our clients select the best wood floor for their project.  We will work with you, your interior designer or architect to select from a countless variety of wood flooring options, such as species, color and texture to fit any design theme.  Nothing matches the beauty of a properly installed and finished wood floor.

Custom Wood Stairs

 Wooden stairs by Peak Flooring Inc.

The timeless beauty of wood stairs is an elegant feature for any home.  Not only do they add value to a home, they add personality.   Installing custom wood stairs takes a lot of experience, patience and attention to detail.  Peak Flooring, Inc. has those qualities.

Custom Boarders and Inlays

 custom wood inlay for Peak Flooring Inc.

Adding a boarder or inlay can instantly transform any room.  Adding a boarder or inlay in entries, dining rooms or family rooms defines the space and dramatically personalizes it to the rest of the décor.  Inlays can be custom-created with a family name, ranch brand or any design. Boarders can be simple design or very intricate.  We can do it all!

Restoration and Repair


Wood floors were meant to last 100 years or more, but for them to last that long they require some basic maintenance.  The easiest way to maintain your floor’s beauty is to clean it with proper wood floor cleaner.  The next thing is to apply a maintenance coat of finish which consists of a light abrasive buffing, cleaning and application of new finish.  Sometimes it requires re-finishing of the floor to return it back to its original glory.  Sanding and re-finishing an existing wood floor will restore it to its original look, and we work fast and efficiently to make it as easy as possible for the homeowner.  We will protect your home from any dust.  We use modern sanding equipment with built in dust collectors, and we seal wrap and protect any cabinets or wall hangings in the sanding area.  After all work is complete, we do a final cleaning, just in case any dust did escape.


Questions About Our Services?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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