Care and Maintenance


Care and Maintenance for Your Hardwood Investment


Wood floors are meant to last a very long time. Modern finishes and cleaners make it easier than ever to maintain your wood floors original beauty.  We recommend the following methods for maintaining your wood floors:


Care and Maintenance #1


Care and maintenance steps for maintaining your wood floors by Peak Flooring InkMost modern finish are extremely durable and will last between 3-5 years, depending on traffic, before a new coat needs to be applied.  Well placed rugs and mats can extend this time.  They are the first line of defense against dirt and outside abrasive attacks.

Place rugs at entries and high traffic areas.  Rugs will catch loose dirt and particles from shoes before they end up on the wood floor.  They will also protect the finish from premature wearing.



Care and Maintenance #2

Cleaning Your Wood Floors

bona1Clean your wood floors as frequently as you would vacuum your carpet.  Keeping dust and dirt off of your wood floors eliminates anything that can be caught underfoot and cause scratches. A simple solution of ¼ to 1/2 cup distilled white cider vinegar per gallon of water will remove most dirt and grime, and it will not streak.  The amount of vinegar you use depends on how dirty the floor is.  A lighter solution has less of an odor and is perfect for daily cleaning.  A more aggressive cleaner may be necessary if bi-weekly cleaning can’t be done.  Commercial cleaners such as Basic Coatings Squeaky Clean or Bona Kemi wood floor cleaners are excellent products and are safe for all types of wood floor finishes.  Do not use any cleaners that have oils or “wood conditioners.”  These types of cleaners leave a residue that will cause future applications of finish coats to not be able to adhere and will peel off.  If this happens you are stuck with having to re-sand the floor to bare wood.


Care and Maintenance #2

Protecting Your Hardwood Floor Investment

mainFinally, the last defense against having to re-sand your floor is the Maintenance Coat.  If the floor does not have any visible wear through areas, like gray or splintered boards, then a maintenance coat is easier, less expensive and quicker than a full re-sand.  This process will freshen up the look of your floor and provide additional protection against wear-through to the bare wood.  A maintenance coat consists of buffing the floor with a fine abrasive, cleaning and applying a new coat of finish.  Small scratches and blemishes will be removed and deep scratches or dents will become less noticeable after the new finish has been applied. Maintenance coats can usually be done in less than a day and will dry within 8 hours of completion.



Care and Maintenance Questions?

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